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News and Events

20-11-2014_1706_335.jpgNew Zealand has a relatively unpolluted environment and an incredibly diverse range of flora, consisting of more than 2200 different species of native plants. The evolution and development of many of these has been quite unique over the centuries, due in part to New Zealand’s ancient history as a land that was once joined to both Australia and South America, yet over millions of years drifted away to become a separate and increasingly isolated landmass far away from all other continents. As a result, its plants and wildlife have been subject to a unique combination of evolutionary influences, resulting in rare phytochemical & therapeutic profiles. 

Phil Rasmussen is the founder of Kiwiherb and an experienced medical herbalist with his own clinic in Auckland where he has practiced for 20 years. Before pursuing herbal medicine he worked for more than 10 years as a pharmacist. Phil’s passion for Rongoa stems from his youth growing up on the East Coast of New Zealand & he has studied & used NZ Native plants extensively in his practice for many years.

Click here to download the latest copy of Green Living magazine and read Phil’s article on the medicinal properties of some NZ native plants – pg 20


Kiwiherb is passionate about education and empowering people to take responsibility for their own health and healing. Our team of Medical Herbalists regularly attend community events to talk about our herbs and provide free advice. 

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